Office of Finance

The mission of the Office of Finance (OOF) is to develop and execute plans, programs and procedures to efficiently and effectively manage the financial resources of SHA. The key divisions and critical assignments of OOF are as follows:

Accounting Operations Division

Responsibilities within this Division include paying bills (processing approximately 180,000 invoices per year), MDOT-wide payroll processing (for approximately 9,000 employees), performing third-party billing, and providing procurement services. Cost Accounting and General Ledger functions are also provided in this Division.

Budget & Program Management Division

This Division prepares the annual operating and administrative budgets, monitors the execution of the budget and works with the operating areas to ensure that budgets are met, provides inventory management guidance, analyzes financial issues, supports the Financial Management Information System (FMIS) within SHA, and provides financial reporting.

Capital Division

Working closely with the Office of Planning, this Division provides cash flow information to support three- and six-year forecasts of capital expenditures. The Capital Division also forecasts the use of Federal funds, serves as liaison with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) to obtain Federal Aid approval for projects, and bills FHWA for project expenditures.

Fiscal Systems Division

Ths Office of Finance also has a Fiscal Systems Division.