ADA Guidelines for Pedestrian Facilities - Driveway Crossings

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Driveway Crossings

Where the pedestrian pathway crosses a driveway or entrance, limitations on ramp and sidewalk criteria will still apply. Where the pedestrian pathway crosses a non signalized entrance or driveway, a minimum 36” pedestrian pathway with a maximum cross-slope of 2% (48:1) shall be provided regardless of the driveway material. A design waiver is not required for the 36” pedestrian pathway across the driveway or entrance. The location of the pedestrian pathway relative to the curb can be varied to meet slope limitations. For standard applications, refer to MD Standards 630.01 and 630.02 (See Figures 6 & 7). The designer is required to provide detailed designs for special entrances, as necessary.

Figure 6, Maryland Standard 630.01

Figure 6: Maryland Standard 630-01

Figure 7, Maryland Standard 630-02

Figure 7: Maryland Standard 630-02