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Annual Mobility Performance

The State Highway Administration (SHA) highway system is the backbone of Maryland’s transportation system, providing mobility and access for people and goods from and through the State of Maryland. Mobility and Economy is one of six key performance areas (KPA) at SHA which aims to “Support Maryland Economy and Communities with Reliable Movement of People and Goods.”

SHA publishes the Maryland State Highway Annual Mobility Report to identify successes, challenges, and strategies being used to improve the transportation services SHA delivers to Marylanders and the traveling public. The intent is to inform the decision-makers, customers and staff at SHA to develop strategic multi-modal congestion management solutions for safe, efficient and reliable transportation of people and goods.

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The Annual Mobility Report addresses the following:

Mobility Trends

Annual Change Between 2015 and 2014

Traffic Volume are down

What are the Highway Volume trends?

Congestion Trends is up

Where is Congestion a problem?

Reliability Trends

Why is Reliability important?

Mitigation Strategies

What is SHA doing to improve Mobility of our highway system?

SHA implements various projects, programs and policies to enhance mobility on it facilities Our approach includes:

CHART system Capital Improvements Signal Systems Mode Choices

What is the outcome of SHA's Mobility Initiatives?

The mobility solutions implemented by SHA projects, programs and policies result in user cost savings for automobile and truck travel. In 2015, annual user savings included: