SHA Facilities Atlas

SHA's Facilities Atlas contains general information about each of SHA’s facilities along with detailed locational maps of its Headquarters, Hanover Complex North End, Hanover Complex South End, District Offices, Maintenance Shops, and Landscape Depots.

To find information about an SHA facility, please select an SHA facility icon on the map to display the facility’s name/type, address, phone number and a link to a detailed printable map product. To access the printable map, click on the hyperlink entitled Printable Map. Clicking this hyperlink will open the map in your browser for either viewing, printing or download.

To view, print or download PDF files, you must have Adobe Reader installed on your computer.

If you would like to find an SHA facility near you, please click on the Facilities Near Me button Near Me in the map in the top left corner. Once selecting the Facilities Near Me button , you will be able to enter your street address to show SHA facilities closest to you, by facility type.

* Please note, that you must enter a complete street address, including number (i.e. 110 State Circle, Annapolis) when doing an address search.